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Testing and Belt ranks

All styles of martial arts have different ranking systems, but there is no wrong way. All students start with a white belt and the highest level is the black belt. Each color has the ability to earn stripes towards their next belt rank. Black stripes are for knowledge. Colored stripes are earned through dojo etiquette, respect, positive character, positive attitude, academic/martial arts achievements, focus, discipline and kindness

Throughout the year, students are awarded different colored stripes that are added to their belts. These stripes are a way to help the student understand their progress towards their next belt and a way to celebrate their successes, hard work, and karate spirit.

  • Black Stripes
    Black stripes are awarded to students by their instructors when the students have demonstrated skill in the techniques they have been working on. The black stripe acts as a progress report allowing the student and the instructor to know how each student is progressing and each black stripe shows that the student has worked in class, practiced well, and understands the required techniques to the best of his/her ability.

  • Red Stripes
    Red stripes are awarded to honor students who demonstrate positive character inside and outside of class

  • Orange Stripes​​

        Orange stripes are awarded for those students who show proper dojo etiquette​ (dojo kun)

  • Yellow Stripes
    Yellow stripes are awarded to those students who show improvement in school or who have put forth extra effort in school

  • Green Stripes

        Green stripes are awarded those students who show acts of kindness, both inside and outside the dojo​

  • Blue Stripes
    Blue stripes are awarded to students who have demonstrated extra effort, have set a good example of positive attitude and good spirit.

  • Purple Stripes

        Purple stripes are awarded to students who have focused well in class and have been courteous and respectful to              others​

  • White Stripes

        White stripes are awarded to students who have shown a great amount of improvement​

  • Brown Stripes

        Parent's choice

  • Gray Stripes​​​​

         Gray stripes are for students who have shown a great amount of patience​

  • Pink Stripes

        Pink stripes are for when you bring a friend to class (not eligible for evaluation)

  • RAINBOW Stripes

        Rainbow stripes are for students who have gone above and beyond without receiving anything or expecting to                  receive anything in return - Compassion, Inclusion, Acceptance, Fairness and more

Once a student has earned three black stripes and at least one colored stripe on your current belt, they are eligible to test for next full colored belt. 

Testing fees for all levels

(except brown and black belt testing)

$15 per person

The tests for brown and black belts are more intense and require additional time (about 3 hours) and practice. These will be schedule 2 to 3 times per year or as needed.

The fees for these are as follows:

Brown belt: $75

Black belt: $100

Our ranking system is as follows:










  *There are 10 additional black belt levels (Dans) that can be earned over the course of a lifetime. Anything over the 4th Dan must be tested for with a Master instructor through the Japan Karate Association



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