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Karate Classes
Jujitsu Posture

White belts

  Learn the basics of self-defense

                 Free trial class*

Judo Belts

Yellow, Orange & Green belts

Continue your martial arts training and open the doors to more advanced techniques and classes such as sparring and weapons training

Jujitsu Outdoors

Blue to Black belts

Advance your skills and learn advanced techniques such as ground fighting, bunkai application and more



"Senseij is a great place for the kids to learn karate, my son has been a student of Sensei Jared for over 4 years and he has learned so much. To us it is worth the drive to Anthem."

October 2022


We love SenseiJ! He is so great with the kids, making it fun and educational! It has help my child’s confidence 10 fold! Highly recommend them!

October 2022

Bruno M.

"Sensei Jared is a wonderful instructor for both children and adults. My son and I have been his students for a few years now. We both enjoy the classes and he has helped my son with discipline and focus. Senseij Jared is always trying to improve himself so he can improve his students, a sign of a true teacher. I highly recommend going for classes."

July 2019

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