About Senseij Enterprises

Inspired by the love of both martial arts and table-top gaming, Senseij Enterprises has endeavored to appeal to the masses and focus on the discipline of Karate and self-defense as well as the love of card games such at Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, and Yugioh!!  We have open card play daily and tournaments on most Saturday nights*!!

We offer numerous martial arts and self-defense classes for all levels as well as specialty classes such as weapons training and fitness. Drop-ins are always welcome. *

Our style of Karate is called Shotokan, originally created in Okinawa, Japan by Gichin Funakoshi. For Sensei Funakoshi, the word ‘karate’ eventually took on a deeper meaning than just martial arts training, transforming into what is has become known as karate-do, the ‘way of the empty hand.’ He was to modify the Okinawan art by taking inspiration from traditional Japanese budo (kendo, judo, etc) and integrated their philosophical aspects into his and his student’s training. This became a total discipline, which represented a synthesis of Okinawan and Japanese schools and in 1936 he established the ‘SHOTOKAN’ style of Japanese karate. Funakoshi developed principles of Shotokan, that are still adhered to by all Shotokan dojos around the world which you can review here!!

Meet The Team

Jared Faust

Jared is the head instructor of Senseij Enterprises.  Jared has been training in martial arts for over 20 years and has been teaching for about 18 years. He is happily married with 4 kids and loves all things nerdy...especially Magic the Gathering and video games! 

Jennifer Faust

Jennifer has been training in martial arts for about 5 years.  She has taught children and adults of all ages. Jennifer is the CEO of Senseij Enterprises and has numerous years of business and financial experience. She is happily married with 4 kids and enjoys reading, traveling, video games and Pokemon.